We also manufacture bush and gear.We manufacture precision spare parts for you.


We manufacture molds with CNC machines.

What is metalworking? In this topic, we will explain how metal parts are handled. Metalworking is called the general process of working with metals to create large-scale structures such as custom parts or mold assemblies.

The subject of metal processing also covers very sensitive parts or any part related to ship bridge or machinery industry. Processing metal can be a hobby for some. For other people, it may be industry and trade.

Today, metal processing is done by CNC machines.We shape and process sensitive metals.

Of course, there are basic measuring instruments preferred and used in metal processing. These measuring instruments are basic precision instruments such as calipers, comparators and micrometers cnc machining .

Milling is the general name of the workpiece by means of a stationary but rotating tool on its axis. Milling has basic axes such as x y z. Today milling is divided into two as manual and CNC milling.We are a CNC contract manufacturing company.

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The working principles of plastic injection molds are as follows: It is called plastic injection manufacturing, which is given by the injection of plastic raw material, which is formed after a high temperature with the help of temperature, and to be taken out of the mold by cooling it at the end of this shaping.

The most common raw material is a manufacturing method that is used in designing and effectively using many products such as plastic chair or a food material. Of course, naturally, it is one of the most common manufacturing methods today. They are unattractive. We also produce special gear and screws.We can offer special screw solutions for you.

Where gears and pulleys are used in daily life. Gears and pulleys are located inside the Clock and many complex assemblies. Gears and pulleys are often used to move something.